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Mike's Hand Built B9 Robot

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This is my prototype of arm slides to make them move in and out manually so far till I motorize them later. Using drawer slides and creating a socket for easy mounting.

Made out of 26 gage sheetmetal, I built a box to mount drawer slides in and a channel to mount wrist to with a adjustment bracket later to align in arm socket for clearances. This will slide in a 5.75" hole and be sandwiched with a inner 7" washer and rubber arm gasket for the first season look with the tab on it.


I angled the slide upward to make him reach higher once extended, kinda like how Mike Joyce's arms are on his Replica's. Once I finish these I am making patterns to possibly put on my vendor page if they turn out like I want. Not sure if these need a bracket inside or not, hoping the wrist and claw setup counterbalances weight.





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